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Bite Me - Parker Blue This was part of a Free Advanced Copy from Net Galley.

This will be a short review as I just didn't get into the book, this is mainly due to the writing style. For me the story was predictable. The protagonist Val Shapiro is typical teen nothing about her stood as memorable. This is o.k. for a childrens book. I found problems with the text and writing style, mainly I felt it was a bit jumpy, sentences could have been shortened or unnecessary words taken out. It needs punch at times and for me it didn't hold it.

Characters came across a bit flat, lacking in character growth, they needed more substance and depth to them. I felt that it was trying to edge for that but for some reason the writer didn't go that way. Characters also seemed to only show up to further the plot, to provide no real depth to their existence within the plot. At times it also read like fan fiction.

The positives are that it will be entertaining to a young reading audience, the book series is a very easy read. Though many of it reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the characterisations were reminiscent of characters from the show. Obviously a good point but for those who have seen it, it might come off as a rip off.

It just wasn't for me.